Andre M Berthier

Get To Know Me

I come to the Real Estate Industry with 17 years of Construction management, 9 years of Sales, and 8 years of Manufacturing experience. Working at Harkes Realty is an absolute delight for me because it gives me the opportunity to put my passions to work. Part of what keeps me motivated is helping my clients find the right house to call their home. I am active in my community and I am always seeking ways to be of service to others.  I volunteer for groups like HOPE World Wide and HOPE Scouts, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, The Red Cross, and I was Hungry.

I have been a guest speaker for local and regional chapter meetings for; The America Institute of Architects (AIA), American Society of Floodplain Managers, and for the New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors.  I have trained thousands of professionals on how to build and design structures in special flood hazard areas.  I will use my unique skills to educate, train, and promote my client’s properties.  I am passionate about finding the RIGHT deal and will guide you on when to buy, sell, or walk away.  Give me a call today! I'd love to talk with you.