With the weather getting warmer and the days being longer, summer has officially arrived. Around this time, people are anxiously looking forward to the summer vacation they've been planning. However, COVID-19 may have put quite a damper on summer travel plans. While you're certainly able to travel, people are more hesitant than ever now, which is understandable. But, all is not lost. You can still have a staycation.

What exactly is a staycation? It's what you think it is, a vacation but you stay at home or in your hometown. While it may not sound as thrilling as a trip overseas, you can certainly make your staycation memorable. Not only will it be memorable, but it can also be budget-friendly. Keep an open mind, get creative, and continue reading for 5 Staycation Ideas!



Our first idea is a simple but effective one, a spa day. We all know about the all-inclusive spa package deals that resorts love to promote. However, considering the current circumstances, the thought of going to a hotel or a spa may not be on our to-do list. Thankfully, you can bring the spa right into your home. Not only is it more affordable than an all-inclusive spa package, but it's also simple to pull off. Create a relaxing area in your home, put on some soothing music, gather your top skincare/wellness essentials, and create your very own at-home spa experience!

2. At Home Film Festival

We're all familiar with the Cannes Film Festival. The festival is held in Cannes, France, and previews all of the year's upcoming films. While getting into that event is quite difficult (not only is invite-only but, it's been canceled this year), you can create an at-home film festival. With all the streaming services available, its never been easier to create a film festival experience.

Take things even further by setting up a projector and screen to get that full home theatre experience.  Grab your favorite snacks, invite a few friends, relax, and enjoy the film!



The thought of having to cook may not seem like a true staycation activity. When you're on vacation, cooking is the furthest thing on your mind. However, incorporating cooking into your staycation is not as bad as you may think. When you're on vacation, you're likely going to try out the local foods. What if you could bring those dishes to your home? Try recreating some of your favorite dishes you've had during your travels.

If you want to take it a step further, pick a culture or destination, and recreate an entire full course meal. Include appetizers, your main course, desserts, beverages, and more. Take it a step further and have your decor match your chosen destination!


If you're not able to get to a campsite or camping in the wilderness is not for you, an at-home camping trip can happen right in your backyard. All you have to do is get out the camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, etc) and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home.

If you don't have much space to set up a camping site in your yard, you can create a space right in your living room. You can even use pillows and blankets to create a makeshift tent!


While we're on the topic of the outdoors, one way to relax your mind and briefly escape life's responsibilities is to go outside and get some fresh air. Try going on a hike. Download AllTrails.com to discover your next favorite trail.  If hiking isn't your thing, a simple walk around your neighborhood or local park is perfect. The main goal is to take in the sun and enjoy nature. Remember to keep your social distancing!  

What are some other ideas for planning the perfect staycation? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to share this blog post!

Source: GoodHouseKeeping