Townhouse- HomeBuying

So you put your house on the market and now your Realtor wants to host an Open House.  Check out these 10 steps below to learn what you should do to be prepared!

1. Declutter

When you're hosting an open house, you want potential buyers to be able to navigate through your home without any troubles. Get rid of or move any items that could possibly hinder a prospective buyer's view of your home. You want buyers to be able to see all that your home has to offer!

2. Clean

After the removal of any clutter, you may want to give your home a good deep cleaning. It's also important to maintain the cleanliness of your home while it's on the market.

3. Prune

While cleaning the inside of your home, don't forget about the outside. Keep lawns, bushes, shrubs, etc. trimmed. If you really want to impress, you can add flowers to increase your curb appeal.

4. Plaster, Paint, Repeat

After all that cleaning and decluttering, did you find any holes or scrapes on the wall? If so, it doesn't hurt to do a little paint job to give a fresh look. These small repairs can be handled by you however, your more than welcomed to call a professional to help.

5. Stage

Staging your home with appropriate furniture or decor can be helpful, especially if you have any rooms that are a little bare. Feel free to speak with your agent about the proper ways to stage!

6. Find A Sitter

After all the cleaning and organizing, it makes sense that you want to keep your home in the best condition possible for open houses. However, when you have pets, that can be quite the task. During any showings or open houses, it's best to have any pets or children out of the home. This way, they won't be disturbed by the strangers walking around. Plus, you'll have an easier time keeping your home clean.

7. Protect Valuables

During ANY and ALL showings, it's recommended that you lock up any personal/valuable items during the duration of your home being on the market. This ensures nothing gets broken, or worse, taken.  Talk to your Harkes Realty agent about use of our secure storage bins.

8. Self Promote

While your real estate agent should handle all your marketing needs, a little self promotion doesn't hurt at all. Whatever social media platform you're a part of, promote your home. Let the people know your house is on the market!

9. Get Treats (optional)

If you want to do a little something extra at your open house, consider offering light refreshments, such as cookies, brownies, pastries, bottles of water, etc.  Food or drinks can have buyers feeling right at home.

10. Brighten Up

To make sure your home looks welcoming and spacious, open up any blinds in order to let natural light in. If there are any dark rooms, feel free to turn on the lights.

Source: The Preferred Realty