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Should I Fix My Home Before Selling?

It's a question that seems to come up before a person decides to place their home on the market. Do you have to do any work on your home before you actually list it?

The short answer, it up to you as the seller. A  complete renovation just to sell, is not required but, making a few updates won't hurt.

Small changes, like fresh paint, for example, can make a huge difference. We've gathered a few DIY jobs that you can do before placing your home on the market. PLUS, you don't have to worry about breaking the bank!

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Patch and Paint

If you've lived in your home for some years, there's bound to be some rough patches here and there. Maybe a piece of furniture brushed up against a few walls, leaving a couple of marks. Or there are a few holes that came from, well who knows where.

Whatever the case may be, we highly recommend that you patch up any holes you find. Along with that, going over the room with a fresh coat of paint, ideally, a neutral color, can give your home a more modern look.

Paint Cabinets

Still on the topic of paint, but this time, we're talking about cabinets. Like we stated earlier, a simple paint job can do wonders.

If you have kitchen or bathroom cabinets that are slightly dated, repainting using a neutral color can instantly give an updated look.


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Clean Carpets and Flooring

Whether you have hardwood flooring, carpet, or both, cleaning your property's flooring is another great "fix" to do before listing your home. To refresh your hardwood floors, you can hire a professional, or for roughly $100+, you can tackle the job yourself.

Like hardwood floors, the same concept can be applied to any carpeting you have. A professional carpet cleaning company can have your flooring looking brand new. Or, you can purchase various carpet cleaning products and do the project yourself.

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Deep Cleaning and Purging

Our final suggestion may seem obvious but, it can oftentimes go overlooked. Since we will be taking photos of your home and scheduling tours, you want your home to be welcoming to potential buyers.

Dusting, vacuuming under and behind furniture, shifting objects around to see the true space of the rooms, are only a few tasks that can be done to prep a home for sale.

Think of the phrase first impressions are lasting impressions. Since your home will be viewed by prospective buyers, you want your property to be seen in the best light possible.