It seems as though it was only yesterday where everyone was excited about the new decade. Months into the new year, things have gone slightly unexpected. One of the several issues this recent outbreak has caused is anxiety. Think about all that has happened in the last few months. Businesses and schools have closed, jobs have been lost, we're all being told to stay indoors as much as possible. All of this, plus the several other issues caused by the pandemic, can strike anxiety into anyone.

Having anxiety during this time is normal. The problem starts when that anxiety morphs into fear and panic. To learn how to take action against your anxiety, keep reading!

Media Detox

With this ongoing pandemic, it seems as though every news outlet, website, social media site, are all talking about the same issue. While you want to stay informed, immersing yourself in everything COVID 19 is not healthy. That is only going to make you paranoid and worsen your anxiety. Try choosing 1 or 2 trusted news outlets and use those to stay up to date. Then try to stay away from everything else. It's all about finding a healthy balance between being informed and being TOO informed.

Self Care

There isn't a better time than now to practice some good self-care. Now self-care looks different from person to person. The idea is to do something that brings you a little joy. Whether it's reading, exercise, music, whatever it is you enjoy. We also want to mention taking care of what goes into your body. We know it's tempting to eat all our favorite comfort foods but, try throwing in some fruits/vegetables into your diet. Don't forget to drink your water, get some sleep, and get some fresh air (don't forget your mask though)!

Fresh Air

We briefly mention this earlier but it's important enough to reiterate. To prevent from getting cabin fever, please go out and get some fresh air. Imagine what staying in and watching the news all day will do to you. We're getting anxious just thinking about that. Allow yourself to go out, breathe in the fresh air, and let the sun hit your body. Being out in nature can soothe your mind of all that is going on.

Confront Your Anxiety

When you're feeling anxious, don't ignore that feeling but, recognize it. Again, it's normal to feel anxious during this time. The key is not letting that feeling have control over you. When those anxious feelings begin, take a step back, breathe, and work through it.


While we're currently social distancing, we are not in this alone. With the help of technology, we can be virtually connected. Make sure to stay in touch with your friends/families. If you're still feeling overwhelmed and aren't sure what to do, check to see if your state has a COVID 19 hotline. For those living in New Jersey, head over to the Department Of Human Services site to get more information about New Jersey's helpline. Remember, we will get through this together!